Atlantis Crystal Ball

Version 3.05c
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The revision notes are also available within Crystal Ball; click on About | Revisions.

You can download a short description on how to create your own images in either Word 2000 or RTF format, or download some sample icons. V3.05 also includes a number of default icons you can use.

Version 3.05c

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Version 3.05c Revision Note Summary
Rev3.130 Improvements to the hex study list:
Show teacher/student ratio. Highlight in red if too high.
Show non-studying students in red.
--- Fixed a minor error in the battle reports which sometimes showed an assassination as merely an attempt.
Rev3.131 Hex info: added a faction shortcut panel above the Units/Structures/ Factions tab. The panel lists all known factions in the hex, and will show either the faction icon or, if no icon has been assigned, the faction ID. Clicking on the icon or ID displays the faction details.
Rev3.132 Added option for showing the underworld map in a compressed format, ie with no gaps between the hexes, giving a much better view of the area. The directions in which a hex cannot be exited are marked by a solid black border.
The option can be enabled in the Preferences, on the Maps tab.
Rev3.133 Hex unit list now also shows empty structures; previously only structures with units inside were included.
Rev3.134 Removed the page tabs from the main information panel since they are effectively duplicates of the tool buttons on the left. The tabs are now selected by using the relevant tool button.
Rev3.135 Added an option for removing a structure manually, by right-clicking on a structure in the hex details. Units which are inside the structure can be either flagged as having an unknown position, remain in the hex, or be deleted entirely.
Rev3.136 ACB now handles multiple skill level changes per unit, for those games where a unit can improve in more than one skill in a turn.
--- Fixed a bug in the route generation tools which made the route go in really strange directions.
Rev3.137 Updated the map legend to use the terrain images, and to include the user-defined icons.
Rev3.138 Added a button for showing the route management tools to the unit list on the main form, next to the 'Unit Orders' button. The tools can also be shown by right-clicking on a unit or a unit group and selecting the 'Route Tools' option.
Rev3.139 Added a right-click option in the unit's order box for adding the ID of a gate hotspot. Hotspots can be defined by right-clicking on a gate in the main gate list.
Rev3.140 Added a combat summary for multiple factions in a hex. The summary can be viewed by selecting one or more factions from the 'Factions' tab in the hex details and choosing 'Combat Summary' from the pop-up menu. Note that the summary will only be useful for factions sharing their turn reports, otherwise the skill levels of units not belonging to the player will not be known unless they have been involved in a battle.
Rev3.141 Batch import - rescheduled for the next version.
Rev3.142 Added a skill group configuration in the General menu; using this any combination of skills can be grouped together. These groups can be used in the unit list to show the level each unit has in the specified skills.
Rev3.143 Changed the map display and combined map, hex details, and unit details into one screen. This is now the default layout when displaying a map; a full-screen map (ie the previous format) can be viewed by clicking on the 'Expand Map' button on the status panel at the bottom of the window. As before, double-clicking on the map will open a new hex details window.
Rev3.144 Right-click on unit list header to show or hide specific columns, or to fix certain columns in place so that they don't disappear when the list is scrolled horizontally.
--- Bug fix: ACB hung up when trying to sort the gate list on the main form by hex if there were unknown gates in the list.
--- Bug fix: The world stats report did not count the number of known gates correctly if the gate list on the main form included unknown gates.
--- Bug fix: Fixed access violation which occurred after closing a hex details window that was opened via a battle report.

Last update: 5/7/2004