Crystal Falls
An Oblivion Mod

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Still under construction... hey, don't blame me, my friends keep giving me ideas and this darned thing just keeps growing. General layout of the exterior and most interior cells has been completed, now the scripting and quest building starts...

What does/will Crystal Falls consist of?
- one worldspace, located in the Jerall Mountains
- a large cavern with underground town
- 57 interior cells at last count, and growing
- 50+ NPCs
- new factions to join
- multiple quests, single ones as well as continuing threads
- unique armour and weapons
- nasty new creatures (retextured, since I'm no good at 3D modelling)
- lots of miscellaneous stuff like glowing mushrooms
- and most importantly, an overarching and hopefully engaging as well as challenging storyline with multiple alternate endings

Estimated completion time for V1.00: October? November?

Comments, suggestions? Mail me here.

Update Log
(Randomly updated every now and then)

- 2006.09.27 Added a Loans facility to the Acilius Trading Company.
- 2006.09.14 Quests are on hold until more of the interior details have been finished. 23 interiors are now complete.
- 2006.09.12 Added some refugees.
- 2006.09.06 Recount: out of 56 new interior cells, only 15 are complete. And I foresee the need for at least another half dozen cells, probably more.
- 2006.09.04 Sorted out the randomised guard patrols.
- 2006.09.01 Disciplining the guards to follow patrol routes is turning out to be a problem. Bad guards! Bad!
- 2006.08.31 Current count: 54 interior cells (and growing), 47 NPCs (and growing)
- 2006.08.17 Oookay. Website is back up again. Lots has happened; more quests, more cells, more NPCs...
- 2006.08.01 AAAARGH!!! One whole weekend's worth of landscape editing and Ayleid ruin design gone gone gone!!!!
- 2006.07.29 Two more quests are finished.
- 2006.07.27 Problems with changing flame colours... can't figure out link between the torch mesh and the activator.
- 2006.07.24 Finally added an entrance to my worldspace, in the Jerral Mountains. Modified cells -3,39 and 0,39. The story should develop differently depending on which path is chosen.
- 2006.07.20 Sorted out the missing tails of my Argonians and Khajit, thanks to Laxas.
- Either I'm blind, or there are no empty potion bottles in the game. Added some just for kicks and atmosphere.
- 5 quests are complete, but that's just the start.
- I'm up to 44 NPCs. Where are my Argonian's tails? "Bone 'Bip01 Tail01' missing" is such a useful error message!