Guntram's Pewter Stuff

Triskele pendant with zoomorphic birds
Based on decorations in a 9th century Irish manuscript.
Bird pendant
Based on decorations in a capital from a 9th century Irish manuscript.
Weird critter from a medieval drawing.
Any guesses as to what it is? A horse?
Another weird critter.
Some sort of bear/bird hybrid?
Cross set with amethyst and peridot.
Cross set with black onyx.
Cross set with garnets and blue chalcedony.
Cross set with lapis lazuli and carnelian.
Gothic dragon keyring.
Dragon keyring/pendant.
Pendant based on a sun design from a stone carving in Havor.
Ionian cross set with 8mm amber.
Equal-armed ionian cross.
Pendant/keyring with zoomorphic bird design from a 9th century Irish manuscript.
Interlaced cross design, not from any particular medieval source.
Knotwork cross pendant set with 8mm iolite.
Spiral design pendant.
Star of David pendant set with 6mm peridot.
Based on a find from 14th/15th century London.
Thor's hammer set with 10mm amethyst.
Plain rough-textured Thor's hammer.
Convex Viking-style brooch set with garnet and citrine.
Annular cloak pin set with turquoise. The serpent motif is based on a Viking carving.
Viking-style brooch set with amethyst.
Penannular pin set with malachite and lapis lazuli; zoomorphic dog pattern from a 9th century Irish manuscript.